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Cambridge Laptop Repair also offers competitive, guaranteed hardware repairs on a wide-range of desktop & tower computer models across HP, Dell and Lenovo from our experienced computer engineers.

We stock a large variety of parts, but where your laptop model or component may differ from our usual range, we can obtain the correct components next-day. Please contact us to confirm your laptop model & receive our fixed-fee quotation and time-frame for your repair.

Unlike many of our competitors, we source only the best, high-quality components for your device & often offer choice at different price points – allowing you options to complete your repair in budget.  That’s just one of the many reasons why getting your damage PC fixed with Cambridge Laptop Repair is ideal for lasting reliability. Our generous warranty offers peace of mind beyond our repair.

To get your fast repair underway, simply drop your device into us, or use our insured courier collection service from your home or office. All repairs are backed by our solid 12-month guarantee. We even offer free collection & return from your home or office for some types of repairs!

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laptop motherboard repair

Logical failures:
This is usually the result of damage to file the system, this may be caused by the file system getting corrupted by unexpected system shutdowns, power outages, or suffering from a virus etc. With this type of failure it is likely that the hard drive would still be seen by the PC’s hardware, but would probably not boot, would reset, freeze during the boot process or suffer the famous “blue screen of death”!

Physical failures:
With modern hard drives spinning at 7200rpm & the read heads hovering nanometres from the disk platters, it only takes a PC to get knocked/dropped while writing to the drive for a collision to occur causing catastrophic damage to the platters. Physical failures can also manifest themselves by a drive just clicking (head failure), drive not spinning up (Motor failure) or not being detected by the computers bios. You may get some warning your hard drive is starting to fail if you get the odd clank or click whilst using your computer, it is imperative that you shutdown your PC and call us on one of the numbers below, failure to do this could end up with data recovery costing several hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds to get your precious data back.

Media problems:
Can occur when the hard drive has developed bad sectors. (A bad sector is a sector on a hard drive that cannot be used due to some sort of damage), this can make it impossible to access via the Windows operating system, normally the hard drive will still be seen by the PC’s hardware, but you will suffer lockups, temporary or permanent freezing of Windows.

Reliable, fast, 12 month warranty*

We include all this with every repair

  • 12 Month Warranty on New hardware repairs
  • Hardware Stress Test
  • Telephone aftercare support


Have a laptop, PC or Mac requiring an urgent repair, but can’t make it in to our store? No Problem!, We operate a free fast collect, repair & return service from your home or office for iPad’s, and Laptop Repairs – our insured courier will collect from your home or office, safely pack & ship your item to us, we can then promptly complete the repair from our wide stock of parts and securely return your item to you.