PC & Laptop Software Problems

Are you suffering from a loss in performance? Is your laptop or PC no longer as fast as it once was?

Cambridge Laptop Repair’s expert team can identify any faults & speed up your device via a repair or a recommended upgrade. Over time laptops can get clogged up and a clean-up will restore some of that original performance.

Laptops with traditional hard disk drives will suffer from a limitation of the performance of the disk – switching out your disk for a much faster modern solid state disk will dramatically improve performance. Simply take a backup of your data, then let us handle the rest – we can clone your machine across exactly as it was, but onto a much faster modern disk that’ll perform as-new.

We stock a large variety of parts, but where your laptop model or component may differ from our usual range, we can obtain the correct components next-day. Please contact us to confirm your laptop model & receive our fixed-fee quotation and time-frame for your repair.

Unlike many of our competitors, we source only the best, high-quality components for your device & often offer choice at different price points – allowing you options to complete your repair in budget.  That’s just one of the many reasons why getting your damage PC fixed with Cambridge Laptop Repair is ideal for lasting reliability. Our generous warranty offers peace of mind beyond our repair.

To get your fast repair underway, simply drop your device into us, or use our insured courier collection service from your home or office. All repairs are backed by our solid 12-month guarantee. We even offer free collection & return from your home or office for some types of repairs!

PC Laptop Software Problems

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Over time laptop performance will degrade from a number of factors – it could be natural hardware wear & tear or your hard disk could be clogged up with lots of unused files & software. Viruses, temporary files and cookies from your internet use may also be lurking and causing a dent in the performance behind the scenes.


A quick-tip is to regularly ensure your anti-virus & anti-malware software is scanning and keeping your machine clean, along with keeping tabs on your temporary internet files & cookies. Basic housekeeping such as deleting old, unused files & programs, (and emptying the recycle bin!), will certainly help.

If your laptop or PC uses an old-fashioned hard disk drive then it might be time to consider an upgrade to a solid state disk (SSD). SSDs don’t have any moving parts and can read & write data much more quickly than their old counterparts. Switching out your old disk for an SSD will provide a much needed boost to dramatically improve your device’s performance.


Have a laptop, PC or Mac requiring an urgent repair, but can’t make it in to our store? No Problem!, We operate a free fast collect, repair & return service from your home or office for iPad’s, and Laptop Repairs – our insured courier will collect from your home or office, safely pack & ship your item to us, we can then promptly complete the repair from our wide stock of parts and securely return your item to you.