Virus, Ransomware & Malware Removal

Are you suffering from a loss in performance, can’t access certain files or programs anymore? Do you have lots of annoying pop-ups on your screen? Does your web browser keep defaulting to websites you didn’t ask it to? You’re probably the victim of either a virus, ransomware or malware.

Cambridge Laptop Repair’s expert team can clear and restore your laptop, PC or Mac back to a clean bill of health after suffering from a virus or malware attack.

We have a number of tools & software products at our disposal to promptly repair your device. Please contact us to confirm your laptop model & receive our fixed-fee quotation and time-frame for your repair. Our generous warranty offers peace of mind beyond our repair.

To get your fast repair underway, simply drop your device into us, or use our insured courier collection service from your home or office. All repairs are backed by our solid 12-month guarantee. We even offer free collection & return from your home or office for some types of repairs!

Virus Ransomware Malware Removal

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There are a number of different cyber security threats affecting users of laptops, PCs, Macs and even some mobile devices.

A virus would typically infect either an area or your whole hard drive, often stopping the device from booting or functioning as it would do normally. Not all viruses will be automatically blocked or quarantined by anti-virus software. Usually your data would be safe, but depending on the virus & extent of damage you may suffer a loss.

Ransomware is the latest threat in cyber security, a program manifests itself into your machine from a dodgy website or link contained within in insecure file downloaded or received over email. The program will then encrypt an area of, or, your whole hard drive. This will prohibit you from accessing your files without an encryption key. The program will then typically make a threat of needing payment to unlock your files – do not trust this notification as in a lot of cases the ransom has been paid and the files have remained locked.

Your files are theoretically safe as they are not damaged & are still on the hard drive, but they cannot be accessed and in a lot of cases a large quantity of your files will not be recoverable.

Malware is usually the ‘softest’ form of a cyber attack – usually annoying users with persistent pop-ups or infecting your web browser with toolbars, changing your default home page or loading lots of other websites that you do not want to visit whenever you use the browser.


Having anti-virus & anti-malware software will certainly help. There are a number of different brands of software available, many of which are free or very cheap. Don’t always rely on the basic included anti-virus that comes with Windows or with your PC / Laptop when you purchase it.

Even though you may have such software, they are not infallible and may still let a virus through if they do not have details of such attack logged in their system.

Best practice advises:

  • Have anti-virus & anti-malware software and ensure it updates itself over the internet regularly
  • Exercise caution when browsing the internet and be cautious of websites that you are not familiar with
  • Look out for websites that are not ‘HTTPS’ which is the latest standard in secure websites – particularly when shopping online – always look out for the green padlock at the top-left of your web browser
  • Be cautious of opening attachments on emails, even if you believe they appear to be from a trusted source – particularly Microsoft Office files, such as Word or Excel
  • Be cautious of links posted on social media, on websites or emails – they may take you to a website that isn’t the intended destination
  • Most importantly! Ensure that you backup your data to an alternative source, such as a memory stick, external hard drive or to a cloud service

Reliable, fast, 12 month warranty*

We include all this with every repair

  • 12 Month Warranty on New hardware repairs
  • Hardware Stress Test
  • Telephone aftercare support


Have a laptop, PC or Mac requiring an urgent repair, but can’t make it in to our store? No Problem!, We operate a free fast collect, repair & return service from your home or office for iPad’s, and Laptop Repairs – our insured courier will collect from your home or office, safely pack & ship your item to us, we can then promptly complete the repair from our wide stock of parts and securely return your item to you.